Before & After School Program

Starting January 2nd, 2024, Kidz Paradise will once again have a Before and After School Program!

Our program will be able to transport children to and from Wilson School Districts Shiloh Hills Elementary School and Cornwall Terrace Elementary School.

School Age Schedule

6:30am          KP Opens – Free Play in the Toddler Classroom
7:15am          Transition to Preschool & Free Play
7:45am          School Age Breakfast
8:15am          Bathroom Break
8:20am          Leave in Van to go to school
8:30am          Drop children off at Shiloh Hills
8:40am          Drop children off at Cornwall Terrace

3:30pm         Pickup at Shiloh Hills
3:40pm         Pickup at Cornwall Terrace
3:50pm         Snack time at KP
4:15pm         Outside/Gross Motor Play
5:00pm         Homework help & Interest Centers