Pre-Kindergarten Program

 Pre-Kindergarten 2

Our Prekindergarten (Pre-k) provides care to children ages 4 and 5 years old.  This classroom is setup to provide the children with kindergarten readiness skills they need to thrive in their academic endeavors.  The Pre-k program assists the children in learning the fundamentals such as alphabet recognition, number recognition, name writing, and much more.  The teachers continue to provide the children with experiences to help them learn about the world around them and encourage them to interact well with others.   The teachers in our Pre-k classroom help the children build on their self-help skills, social experiences, fine and gross motor abilities and cognitive development.

Prekindergarten Curriculum

Kidz Paradise offers an Emergent and Integrated Curriculum Model to all the children in the building.  We encourage the children to use their senses to explore and learn about the world around them.  We look at the interests of the children in our care and research activities that will help these interests to flourish in each child.  All the teachers in our program extend the educational experiences across each developmental domain.  Our goal is to provide the children with the gradual progression of educational and self-help skills they need to succeed in future schooling.

In the Pre-k classroom, this means that the teachers base their lessons and activities off the current interests of the children.  The teachers in the classroom build off of the curiosity of the children and allow them to explore those interests in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.  We provide sensory opportunities for the children to see, hear, feel and smell to learn about their world.  We use books, toys, nature, real life, pictures, and technology to provide the children with the opportunities to connect learning to life.  We strive to use the interests of the children across each developmental domain.  Our Pre-k classroom is geared toward Kindergarten Readiness and preparing the children for school.  The teachers also help the children to create fun artwork for the parents to see the progression and growth of their child.  Our goal is to provide the children with the foundation they need in all developmental areas to prepare them for Kindergarten.

Emergent curriculum emerges from the children, but not only from the children (see “Sources of Emergent Curriculum,” p. 68). Curriculum emerges from the play of children and the play of teachers. It is coconstructed by the children and the adults and the environment itself. To develop curriculum in depth, adults must notice children’s questions and invent ways to extend them, document what happens, and invent more questions. The process is naturally individualized. 

Integrated curriculum is a way to teach students that attempts to break down barriers between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. The idea is to teach around themes, or “organizing centers” that students can identify with, such as “The Environment,” “Life in School,” or more traditional areas like “Myths and Legends.”

       Prek Daily Schedule