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Kidz Paradise Childcare & Learning Center

Equal Opportunity Care Provider
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Welcome to Kidz Paradise Childcare and Learning Center!  It is our privilege and honor to care for and educate your child in the early childhood years.  Our primary goal at Kidz Paradise is to provide a strong educational foundation for all the children in our care.

Kidz Paradise is a program dedicated to educating young children while providing them the same loving and affectionate environment they would have while being cared for by family.  Since May 2012, we have offered quality care and education to each family associated with Kidz Paradise.  Each staff person will spend time getting to know the families and children so that we can provide the highest quality of care possible.  Kidz Paradise Childcare and Learning Center focuses on an integrated and emergent curriculum to base your Child educational endeavors off of their interests.

Our Philosophy

  • Our objective at Kidz Paradise is to provide a warm, compassionate environment where every child can feel comfortable and secure.
  • We are hopeful to cultivate a sense of trust and partnership between parents, children and the educators that may evolve through being able to communicate various needs and knowing that these needs will be valued. It is important to develop a consistency between child care practices at home and those at our facility to enhance the children’s general feeling of security within themselves and to develop strong relationships with the grown-ups in our day-care.
  • The growth and development of each child is observed carefully in our facility. Guidance and support, provided through our programming, attempt to nurture the total development of the children at their own rate. We aim to guide your children in becoming an effective learner through crafting an atmosphere that is challenging as well as stimulating. Essentially, our intention is to assist your children to advance all the necessary skills now and in later years. Children learn through play, and the day-to-day program includes creative practices such as stories, painting, music, and language combined with play both indoors and outdoors, which boosts the social, physical and intellectual skills.

Vision Statement:  To challenge and teach each child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically so that they can be a productive and independent student when they move into their new adventures in the education system.

Mission Statement:  At Kidz Paradise we believe that a quality education in a loving atmosphere embraced with creative, fun, caring teachers will provide your child with the kind of care that they would get from their own family.  Our mission is not only daily care but a nurturing environment in which they can grow and learn surrounded by people that care about their well-being.  Our mission is to challenge and educate each and every child:  emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.