Frequently Asked Questions

Kidz Paradise Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you determine what is full-time care and what is part-time care?
A:  Our tuition rates are based upon how many hours a child is in our care.  If a child is in our care for 24 hours or less within the given week, that is considered part-time.  If a child is in our care for over 24 hours in the week, it is considered full-time.  **Please be advised that children are not permitted to be in our care for more than 10 hours in any given day.**

Q:  What is the youngest that you provide care to?
We provide care to children whom are 6 weeks old and have their shots up to date.

Q:  Do you provide care to ELRC subsidiary families?
Yes, we do accept ELRC funding.  You would pay your co-pay set by ELRC Childcare Subsidy and we have a $65 per child add on fee.  This fee helps to offset the difference in our tuition rates and what ELRC pays us.  The difference is typically anywhere between $80.00 and $120.00.

Q:  Do you provide any sibling discounts?
We provide a sibling discount.  We give 10% off the oldest child.

Q:  What is your registration fee?  Is it per child or per family?
Our registration fee is per family.  It is $85.00 for the initial registration and then $35.00 each year for our annual registration fee.

Q:  How often and with what do you clean the toys in the classrooms?
The toys are sprayed twice a day with a state approved, bleach, sanitizing solution.  They are sprayed at nap time and again at the end of the day.  If a toy is mouthed or dirty, it is placed in a bin which will be cleaned during nap time.  At least once a week, the toys are cleaned in a bleach solution and then rinsed and dried.  If there is a report of a contagious illness in a classroom or the center, all the toys are cleaned daily till the illness is no longer spreading.

Q:  What are your ratios in the classrooms?
We follow the PA Department of Public Welfare Childcare Center Regulations.  The Ratios are as follows:
Infants (6weeks thru 12months)                    4:1
Young Toddlers                                           5:1
Older Toddlers                                            6:1
Preschool thru Pre-Kindergarten                  10:1
School-Age                                                12:1

Q:  What are the requirements for staff at Kidz Paradise?
Kidz Paradise participates in the Keystone STARS program.  This is a state incentive program to go above and beyond the PA DPW State Regulations.  Each STAR we attain sets the standards for our program higher and higher.  We currently require our staff to have a minimum of a high school diploma, CDA, or higher, with one to two years of experience working with children. All of our staff is required to provide current (within the past 12 months) clearances and a health assessment with TB test.  The Office of Child Development and Early Learning also requires all staff to have current Health and Safety training, CPR First Aid training, fire safety training, child development training and 12 hours of annual professional development training.

Q:  Does Kidz Paradise transport school-age children to school?
Kidz Paradise will start providing school-age care again January 2nd, 2024.  We will be transporting to Shiloh Hills Elementary Center and Cornwall Terrace Elementary Center.  Parents need to provide the car seats and Kidz Paradise will provide the transportation.

Q:  Does Kidz Paradise have a summer program for school-age children?
Kidz Paradise currently unsure about if they will be providing care to school age children over the summer months for 2024.

Q:  Do you serve meals?
Kidz Paradise provides breakfast, lunch  and afternoon snack.  We participate in the PA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which helps to subsidize our meals so that we can continue to keep out tuition rates at a reasonable price.  There is a menu for the breakfast, lunch and snack schedule posted on the Important Documents page on the website.  There is also one posted on each classrooms parent board.

Q: How do you handle tuition when a family goes on vacation or is out sick?
Kidz Paradise does require parents to still pay tuition when they are not in attendance since we still need to keep staff employed to cover the numbers when they return.  We give a 50% discount for the first week of time off.  From that point, any additional weeks off would be 20% off of regular tuition.